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Custom pet memorial candle

Custom pet memorial candle

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More than just a candle… a personalized masterpieces that capture the essence of your most cherished moments.

More than just a candle… to our best friends, the small, the big, the furry, the feathered…the ones that bring joy to our lives. Celebrate the memory of your pet with a custom pet memorial candle. Keep their light shining. Personalize it with the picture of your pet and its name or a special sentiment that reminds you of them every time you light it.

(We also accept photos of dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, horses, parrots, and any other pet)

These candles are perfect gifts for preserving the memory of your beloved pets with personalized candles that radiate love and remembrance.

 How does it work?

  1. Choose your favorite fragrance
  2. Add your custom name or message
  3. Upload a Photo of your dog (the better the quality, the better the outcome)

Once your order is received, our professional designers will start working on it asap to ensure a qualitative product and a fast delivery.

 What to expect?

A beautiful candle, which you helped create! The candle will be packed in a gift box.


-Hand-poured in the USA

- Eco-friendly soy, coconut, and apricot wax

- All-natural premium fragrance

- 100% cotton wicks

- Long burning 60-80 hours


This is a personalized item, and it will be ready to ship within 2-4 business days

Shipping is from USPS (2-5 days). You will receive an email with tracking info when your order ships.


Please note: We reserve the right to decline any orders, in which case you will be refunded.

If you want to cancel your order before processing send us an email at

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Your Memories, Your Candle

Welcome to a world where your cherished moments come to life, where every flicker of light tells a story, and every scent evokes precious memories. With our Personalized Candles, we turn ordinary candles into extraordinary keepsakes, enhancing your space with a touch of personalization and sentiment.

Why Choose Our Personalized Custom Candles?

Illuminate Your Memories: Our candles transform your most beloved photos into works of art that cast a warm, nostalgic glow. We take care to bring out the best in your photos and print on the highest quality labels materials on state-of the-art printers.

Emotional Connection: Our candles become heartfelt reminders of special moments and loved ones, sparking emotions and memories.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with eco-friendly materials, our candles offer a clean, even burn, ensuring they're both beautiful and reliable.

Transform Your Space: A room's ambiance should be a reflection of your life's most cherished moments. Our Personalized Custom Candles are more than just decorations; they are your personal gallery.

Relive Your Special Moments: Capture the magic of your wedding day, the joy of a new baby, or the memory of a loved one. Our candles are there to relive the moments that mean the most to you.

Gifts That Wow: Looking for the perfect gift that speaks from the heart? Our candles convey love, gratitude, and remembrance, making them a truly unique and heartfelt gift.

Ready to light up your life with personalized candles that tell your story and create unique ambiance? Explore our selection now and start creating your very own masterpiece. Your memories deserve to shine brightly.

How to and item details

How to make a candle

We've made it easy to create your candle!

Step 1: Choose your fragrance.

Check out our fragrance menu page for detailed fragrance descriptions or below tab for brief ones.

Step 2: Add your message to the custom text box.

Step 3: Upload you photograph.

We will take your photo and message and create your candle!

If we run into any issues with your photo, we will message you with any of our questions or concerns.

Shiping information


Current production is time 2-4 days.

All candles are hand-labeled and shipped from MA.

Shipping is from USPS (2-5 days). You will receive an email with tracking info when your order ships.

Please note: We reserve the right to decline any orders, in which case you will be refunded.

If you want to cancel your order before processing send us an email at

Product Features:

13.75 oz. Hand-poured in the USA with eco-friendly soy, coconut, and apricot wax.

All-natural premium fragrance

100% cotton wicks

Glass jars that can easily be repurposed to display photo

Long burning 60-80 hours

Fragrance descrptions


Enchant your space with the invigorating scent of pine springs and evergreen, while the rich undertone of cedar adds depth and warmth to your space, creating a cozy, woodland retreat in the comfort of your home.

Christmas Cookie

A deliciously inviting scent that will make your home feel like a warm, festive bakery during the holiday season.

Fresh Snow

Evokes the serene beauty of a snowy forest with notes of crisp snow, pure Nordic air, and the earthy aroma of pine cones. It's the
essence of a tranquil winter landscape in a fragrance.

Cinnamon Bark

An enticing blend of fall's finest spices that will fill your space with cozy, warm vibes.

Warm Apple Toddy

Curl up in your favorite blanket and sip on a warm mug of apple spiced perfection. It's the classic fall beverage!

Mahogany Teakwood

A sophisticated fusion of rich teakwood and oakwood, wrapped
in a musky embrace. This scent exudes timeless elegance and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere in any space.

Vanilla Pumpkin

It isn't fall without pumpkin! Delectable spices and a hint of vanilla perfectly finish off the incredible pumpkin pie aroma.


Ultra clean and optimistic powerhouse of a scent to energize
and refresh your spirits and brighten your space.

Belgian Linen

It's the comfort of a warm blanket fresh from the dryer, or the clean and airy aroma of freshly washed linen billowing in the warm breeze.

Eucalyptus Mint

This minty and woodsy combo are perfectly paired for a light and refreshing fragrance experience.

Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar is a sweet and happy fragrance with a hint of citrus that lifts your spirits and leaves you in a good mood.

Vanilla Sandalwood

The sweet, serene scents of vanilla,  sandalwood, and Tonka bean will envelop you in luxurious comfort.

Vanilla Lavender

A classic duo! The calm tranquility of lavender perfectly complements the warm, exotic scent of vanilla.

Moonlight (cologne)

A mesmerizing blend of oakmoss, amber, and white patchouli, weaving an enchanting and sophisticated aroma reminiscent of a moonlit evening.


The iconic spring scent! The light and uplifting floral fragrance will have you dreaming of sunshine and blooms.


Don't let a sensitivity to fragrance stop you from creating a beautiful custom candle. Choose the unscented option and enjoy!

Fresh Cut Grass

Close your eyes and imagine standing in a sunlit emerald
green patch of freshly mowed grass. Now inhale...


A bright and juicy fresh-from-the-orchard scent that's like
biting into a delicious crispy apple. 


It's a happy, aquatic scent that will remind you of sunshine
and fun summertime activities.


This fresh from the bakery aroma offers a drool-worthy blend
of cupcake, warm butter, and vanilla bean.

Not all fragrances available at all times. For more info visit our fragrance menu.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kristine Levan

Absolutely beautiful

Custom Dog Memorial Candle

I absolutely love it! Very well made & great scent! I highly recommend Lola and Maeve - very professional workmanship & fast shipping. Thank You!

Annette Harbin
Custom Memorial Candle

The candle was absolutely beautiful! This was a gift for someone who recently lost a beloved family pet and the quality was great, including the photo! It brought tears to the family as it was a beautiful memorial! Highly recommend!