Fragrance menu

Our fragrance menu is here to help you find the scent that resonates with you and your space. Whether you're looking for a soothing aroma to unwind, an invigorating fragrance to awaken your senses, or a comforting note to create a cozy ambiance, our menu has it all. We believe that a scent can transport you to a different time and place, evoke memories, and create a mood. That's why we've curated a collection of fragrances that cater to a wide range of preferences.

  • Lola and Maeve evergreen candle fragrance for custom label candles


    Enchant your space with the invigorating scent of pine
    springs and evergreen, while the rich undertone of cedar adds depth and warmth to your space, creating a cozy, woodland retreat in the comfort of your home. 

    Scent notes:

    Top: Lemon, Pine Sprigs, Wild Moss
    Middle: Evergreen, Pinecones, Siberian Fir
    Bottom: Patchouli, Canada Spruce, Cedar

  • Lola and Maeve Christmas Cookie candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Christmas Cookie

    Capture holiday bliss with rich notes of sweet vanilla, warm sugar, and freshly baked cookies. It's a deliciously inviting scent that will make your home feel like a warm, festive bakery during the holiday season.

    Scent notes:

    Top: Vanila Extract, Sugar

    Middle: Coconut

    Bottom: Tonka bean, Baked Cookie

  • Lola and Maeve fresh snow candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Fresh Snow

    Evokes the serene beauty of a snowy forest with notes of
    crisp snow, pure Nordic air, and the earthy aroma of pine cones. It's the
    essence of a tranquil winter landscape in a fragrance.

    Scent notes:

    Top: Frozen Berry, Snowflakes, Nordic Air  
    Middle: Winter Carnation, Fir Needle, Pine Cone
    Bottom: Oakmoss, Blue Spruce, Amber

  • Lola and Maeve Cinnamon Bark candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Cinnamon bark

    An enticing blend of fall's finest spices that will fill your space with cozy, warm vibes.

    Scent Notes:

    Top: Bergamot, Orange Peel, All Spice
    Middle: Star Anise, Cinnamon Ceylon, Brown Sugar
    Bottom: Cinnamon Bark, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Pod

  • Lola and Maeve warm apple toddy candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Warm Apple Toddy

    Like a cozy embrace of fragrant apple cider, spiced with cinnamon sticks, and sweetened with the warmth of brown sugar. It's like sipping on a comforting, aromatic hug by the fireside.

    Scent Notes:

    Top: Apple Cider, Orange Peel, Clover Honey
    Middle: Clove, Star Anise, Tonka Bean
    Applewood, Cinnamon Stick, Brown Sugar

  • Lola and Maeve Mahogany Teakwood candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Mahogany Teakwood

    A sophisticated fusion of rich teakwood and oakwood, wrapped
    in a musky embrace. This scent exudes timeless elegance and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere in any space.

    Scent notes:

    Top: Lemon, Cyclamen, Geranium
    Middle: Lavender Leaf, Oakmoss, Tonka Bean 
    Bottom: Teakwood, Oakwood, Musk

  • Lola and Maeve Vanilla Pumpkin candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Vanilla Pumpkin Pie

    It isn't fall without pumpkin! Delectable spices and a hint
    of vanilla perfectly finish off the incredible pumpkin pie aroma.

    Scent notes:

    Top: White Pumpkin Seeds, Nutmeg, Clove
    Middle: Cardamom, Amber, Cinnamon Sticks
    Bottom: Apricot, Vanilla Buttercream

  • Lola and Maeve pure candle fragrance for custom label candles


    Ultra clean and optimistic powerhouse of a scent to energize
    and refresh your spirits and brighten your space.

    Scent notes:

    Top: Lemon Zest, Mineral Springs, Orange
    Middle: Cyclamen, Heliotrope flower, Melon
    Bottom: Cedarwood, Musk, White Amber

  • Lola and Maeve belgian linen candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Belgian Linen

    It's the comfort of a warm blanket fresh from the dryer, or the clean and airy aroma of freshly washed linen billowing in the warm breeze.

    Scent Notes:

    Top: White Citron, Clove, Whole Nutmeg
    Middle: Cinnamon, Fir Needle, Autumn Leaves
    Bottom: Vanilla, Oakmoss, Sandalwood

  • Lola and Maeve pink sugar candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Pink Sugar

    Pink Sugar is a sweet and happy fragrance with a hint of
    citrus that lifts your spirits and leaves you in a good mood.

    Scent Notes:

    Top: California Lemon, Orange Zest, Coconut Water

    Middle: Pink Jasmine, Vanilla Orchid, Heliotrope

    Bottom: Sugar Cane, Tonka Bean, Musk

  • Lola and Maeve vanilla sandalwood candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Vanilla Sandalwood

    The sweet, serene scents of vanilla,  sandalwood, and tonka bean will envelop you in luxurious comfort.

    Scent notes:

    Top Note: Lime, Grapefruit, Lemon

    Middle: Lily, Sandalwood, Cedarwood

    Bottom: Vanilla, Amber, Tonka Bean, Mus

  • Lola and Maeve vanilla lavender candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Vanilla Lavender

    A classic duo! The calm tranquility of lavender perfectly complements the warm, exotic scent of vanilla.

    Scent Notes:

    Top: Citron, English Lavender, Eucalyptus

    Middle: French Lavender, Baby’s Breath, Heliotrope

    Bottom: Madagascar Vanilla, Musk, White Woods

  • Lola and Maeve moonlight candle fragrance for custom label candles


    A mesmerizing blend of oakmoss, amber, and white patchouli,
    weaving an enchanting and sophisticated aroma reminiscent of a moonlit evening. It's a scent that evokes allure and mystery, leaving an indelible impression.

    Scent notes:

    Top: Valencia Orange, Clove, Eucalyptus

    Middle: Cinnamon Leaf, Oakmoss, Fir Needle

    Bottom: Tonka Bean, Amber, White Patchouli 

  • Lola and Maeve lilac candle fragrance for custom label candles


    The iconic spring scent! The light and uplifting floral fragrance will have you dreaming of sunshine and blooms.

    Scent Notes:

    Top: Citron, Rosewater, Cyclamen

    Middle: Lilac, Water Lily, Geranium

    Bottom: Jasmine Petals, Heliotrope, Musk

  • Lola and Maeve unscented candle fragrance for custom label candles


    Don't let a sensitivity to fragrance stop you from creating
    a beautiful custom candle. Choose the unscented option and enjoy!

  • Lola and Maeve fresh cut grass candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Fresh Cut Grass

    Close your eyes and imagine standing in a sunlit emerald green patch of freshly mowed grass. Now inhale...

    Scent Notes:

    Top: Grapefruit, Lemon, Morning Air

    Middle: Tall Grass, Ivy Vines, Rosewater

    Bottom: Magnolia, Bamboo Water, Musk

  • Lola and Maeve MacIntosh Apple candle fragrance for custom label candles

    Macintosh Apple

    A bright and juicy fresh-from-the-orchard scent that's like biting into a delicious crispy apple. 

    Scent Notes:

    Top: McIntosh Apple, Apple Peel, Cyclamen

    Middle: Apple Blossom, Rose Petal, Baby’s Breath

    Bottom: Apple Orchard, Applewood, Sheer Musk

  • Lola and Maeve splash candle fragrance for custom label candles


    It's a happy, aquatic scent that will remind you of sunshine and fun summertime activities.

    Scent Notes:

    Top: Orange, Kaffir Lime, Fresh Air

    Middle: Jasmine Petals, Lavender, Water Lily

  • Lola and Maeve cake candle fragrance for custom label candles


    This fresh from the bakery aroma offers a drool-worthy blend
    of cupcake, warm butter, and vanilla bean.

    Scent Notes:

    Top: Orange, Vanilla Orchid, Whipped Cream

    Middle: Heliotrope, Warm Butter, Tonka Bean

    Bottom: Vanilla Bean, Sugar Crystals, Baked Cupcakes

Not all fragrances avaiable at all times