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The Best Scented Candles You Haven't Bought Yet (And 5 Reasons Why You Should!)

In this article: 1. The Best Scents 2. Custom Labels 3. Perfect Gifts 4. Easy To Create 5. Safe And Eco-Friendly make a personalized candle If you’re looking to buy the best scented candles online, a quick Google search will show you hundreds of options. This is great news for candle lovers, but the amount of choices is overwhelming, especially when you can’t smell them before you buy.   Enter Lola and Maeve, a personalized candle company that puts the customer in charge of how their candles look and smell. We launched in the summer of 2021 with a fresh perspective on the candle industry that doesn’t just offer more of the same.  Here’s a breakdown of our up-and-coming candle company,...

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Need A Gift? Here’s ONE Item You Can Give To Practically Anyone Gifting Made Easy You need to get a gift for someone, but you have no clue what to buy.How many times in your life have you been there?Perhaps your friend is having a birthday, or you’ve been invited to a wedding. Maybe Mother’s Day is right around the corner, or it’s Christmas time and your gift list is a mile long.It seems like you constantly need a gift for one occasion after another.You waste so much time trying to find the thing that will light their eyes with excitement and won’t be re-gifted or shoved in the back of a closet in a month. Or worse…end up in...

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How to take the perfect picture of your dog

KRISTEN SEP10, 2021 How to take the perfect picture of your dog [Seven simplified steps from a pro] Have you ever tried to take an amazing picture of your furry friend but they just won’t cooperate and all you end up with is a few blurry shots of their back end as they run away from you? Or perhaps you’ve gone through half a bag of treats as bribes and now you have a stuffed, sassy pet and still no good photos?!  It can be a frustrating experience, especially when you see so many seemingly perfect pics posted all over social media.  Have no fear! With some simple tweaks in your method you can capture the perfect image of your pet...

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